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Renew Counseling Services

408 W Lotta St. Ste. #4

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

605-777-0588 or 605-336-2556 

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A reminder to not share health information within your message for your protection.  

Why I do this

I have a passion for people.  I had terrific role models in my life that gave me the desire to help were I could and leave people feeling encouraged when I could not.  I am a good listener and I allow individuals to be open and share as they are willing and work on the issues that bring them to my office without judgement.  Each individual has a unique story that will guide the work done within the sessions.  


LAC Licensed Addiction Counselor

LPC-MH Licensed Practicing Counselor-Mental Health

NCC National Certified Counselor

Along with the licensure and certification I have training in risk assessment, LEAP, Suicide prevention, and have experience of working on a local Mobile Crisis Team in the past.  I also have experience with emotional intensity and identifying those intense emotions and how we react to them.  I have done clinical supervision and trained individuals getting their certifications and licensure in both addictions and mental health.  Within the community I have connected with DSS and Child Protection, local hospitals and clinics, addiction agencies, Vo-Rehabilitation Services, homeless shelters, Parole, Probation, and attorneys for work with clients.   I have done chemical dependency screening and assessments in the agency, school and hospital settings and made appropriate referrals to prevention, outpatient, residential, and inpatient treatments.  

  • If you would like to check references for my work, I would be happy to provide numbers for you.